Our modern day lives from work to recreation seem to be constructed around a society which blindly respects celebrity and fame, but in this world where the masses follow whoever they’re told to, slowly the inferior and unexceptional people are rising to the top of the celebrity pile. As long as we exist in a world where the all-powerful media breast-feeds a multitude of parasitic sycophants, popular culture will continue to devolve, if celebrity is to be the focus of our everyday lives, then we should at least fill it with people truly worthy of praise.

The majority of celebrities these days are the end result of nepotism or corruption, never has there been a time in which so many people within the entertainment business are talentless, kiss-arse, hacks. Switch on your television, go online, and you’ll be confronted with an endless deluge of “stars” who are famous for the most mediocre and banal products ever created, they are only elevated to stardom because they toe the line or know the right people.

In this quagmire of false idols and mainstream grovellers, it’s important to sort the wheat from the celebrity chaff. After all, the entertainment business is supposed to be the pinnacle of all artistic endeavours.

Now is the time to separate the real from the fake, the talented from the talentless, it’s fine to admire a celebrity but only if they show a gift for their chosen medium. If someone from the world of popular culture has shown a flair for their art you’ll find them here, if someone has created a genuine classic, something memorable and truly entertaining, you’ll find it here.

In this modern world where the media thinks it’s God, it’s time for an Iconoclast.

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