What Went Right With… Mr.Kitty?

An image of a skull with whiskers and cat ears

A few months ago I stumbled across a YouTube video for a track called “After Dark” by Mr.Kitty. A fan had edited the little-known 1991 film Career Opportunities to the song resulting in a music video that was very believable, in fact the first time I saw it (and heard it) I thought it was from the movie’s soundtrack.

After hearing this song, I began listening to other tracks by Mr.Kitty and although his discography isn’t flawless, when he hits upon this kind of old-school, nostalgic aesthetic, there’s something very likeable about it. If you haven’t heard any of his music, I can only describe it as sounding like early Pet Shop Boys and late Depeche Mode having an orgy in a cathedral at midnight. Mr.Kitty’s synthesised stylings are somehow both old and new-school and both soothing and seedy. Sonically this is Yazoo and Erasure meets Placebo with lyrics that mention suicide, submissive sex, and a little self-flagellation.

With vocal effects and filters making everything sound echoing and grandiose like a non-Hip-Hop Clams Casino, and autotuned vocals with purpose like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “No Surrender”, there’s lots to like if you’re into old-school music. A track like “Glow” reminded me of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven”, there’s the general 80’s feel of “Pathogen”, but then again there’s the almost Noise Pop screamed vocals of “XIII” and “Laceration”, which means there’s heaps of postmodern juxtaposition here. The aforementioned “After Dark” is so catchy and timeless that it, along with “From Liquid”, are classic songs that will stand the test of time. I have no idea why these two tracks aren’t playing on mainstream radio and TV.

Mr.Kitty’s music for me, is up there with the best Synth Pop the 1980’s had to offer and in my opinion he should be scoring a movie set in that decade (think a more adult Stranger Things or a darker Take Me Home Tonight). Why this cat isn’t more well known is beyond me.

Mister Mister.

This is a previously unpublished and unfinished article from 2021 with updated embeds and playlist

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  1. Only heard After Dark. Really good track tho. But can you recommend me his best tracks? I thought he was some youtuber. But i believe he has potential.

  2. He’s not better known because he admitted exchanging sexually explicit messages with an underage man behind his husband’s back and the majority of the original fan base turned their back on him. I want to say that came out in 2019, and then his track took off again leading him to again build up fans and his ego

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