What Went Right With… Brotha Lynch Hung?

Caricature of Brotha Lynch Hung

Nobody (other than perhaps Necro) has remained true to the Horrorcore sub-genre (and indeed his original style) as Brotha Lynch Hung. Back when Horrorcore was at its heights (the post-Niggamortis/6 Feet Deep era) Brotha Lynch Hung’s album Season Of Da Sicness blended G-Funk with horror coupled with a great flow. Given that he was from the left coast, that typical laid-back Cali twang was made distinctive with Hung’s penchant for ultra-violence and gore-soaked lyricism.

His debut release 24 Deep (which I missed back in 1993) had some Horrorcore in there too. I was listening to Big L’s “Devil’s Son” back then so I would have enjoyed this EP had I been exposed to it (especially the title track).

Since then, Brotha Lynch has been releasing blood-covered album after blood-covered album and my personal favourite is 2013’s Mannibalector which contains great tracks like “Krokadil” and the hilariously violent “Meat Cleaver”.

It’s funny how mainstream journalists and fans herald people like Eminem for their so-called controversial lyrics when that kind of content has been part and parcel of Brotha Lynch Hung’s discography for decades. Strange that nobody wants to acknowledge the fact that their king is anything but. So, if you claim you’re into dark, violent (and even humourous) Hip-Hop which features cannibalism, murder, and necrophilia, Brotha Lynch Hung is for you. Listening to his music is like watching a true crime documentary whilst on laughing gas.

Hanging With Mr. Balector

This is an unfinished and previously unpublished article from 2014 along with an unpublished caricature from 2019 and an updated playlist


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