What Went Right With Presents… The Coronavirus Playlist

An image of a speaker with the coronavirus inside the woofer

COVID-19 is a Virus that some racists say is Made In China. The Coronavirus Pandemic means people have to wash their hands and refrain from touching their face. Some people have decided to wear face masks but with conflicting information from scientists, a few have decided to take their Mask Off. Symptoms of COVID-19 include a Fever, a persistent cough, and if you have Asthma, contracting the disease will make it Hard To Breathe. Those with respiratory illness fear they’ll Cough Up A Lung but most make a full recovery. At the E.R. people can be heard calling “Doctor, Doctor” because they can’t Breathe, saying “I Wanna Be Sedated“. Some require Breathing Apparatus with a ventilator Breathing For You.

The government has told the population to Keep Your Distance, telling anyone other than essential workers to stay indoors effectively under House Arrest. The populous are only allowed outside for shopping or for exercise and if someone gets too close scared people yell “Don’t Touch Me“. Scientists want the reproduction rate to reduce, they say The R rate needs to drop before Operation Lock Down can be eased.

News reports Take My Breath Away; city centres are desolate and most roads are empty. Scientists have been working on a vaccine but doctors report that The Drugs Don’t Work. Conspiracy Theorists say the tests are nefarious and some say we’re being Injected With A Poison. I say don’t stress. This is a perfect time to indulge in a hobby, listen to new music, and watch films. You can also meditate; just close your eyes and Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through the mouth.

Religious people are asking is this the apocalypse? Is it Repentance Day? Is It The End Of The World? Well, with draconian laws being enacted all over the planet, one thing’s for certain: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.

Playlist also available on Deezer (click the logo below)

WWWORW Deezer Playlist

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