What Went Right With… Live Fast Die Whenever EP by $uicideboy$ & Travis Barker?

A review of $uicideboy$ x Travis Barker Live Fast Die Whenever EP

Live Fast Die Whenever is the latest release from the $uicideboy$, this time with Blink-182 member Travis Barker and some help by Munky of Korn-fame. This EP is thankfully much more focussed than their debut studio album I Want To Die In New Orleans and I’m pleased to say that it possesses no wannabe-Pop-crossover content whatsoever. Live Fast is a highly enjoyable combination of Trap and Thrash Metal and this fusion of musical genres works without sounding corny or forced. The Metal elements of each song don’t overpower the raps in any way and they compliment and punctuate each track.

The songs are all pretty solid, there’s the very effective opening track with the humourous title “Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones” in which the subdued verses are suddenly interrupted by the hardest hook possible. “Don’t Trust Anyone!” also contains an effective screamed chorus. The sound of “Sour Grapes” is more traditional $uicideboy$-fare but the beat and melody make for a highly-replayable song. The final track is one of the most original as it blends fast tempo Metal with a slow but meaningful chorus with the great line “War, power, sickness, death, famine, terror, toxic sex. Hate, fear, greed, stress, fire, ashes, nothing left”.

The strangest inclusion in the whole EP has to be the review by The Needle Drop (Anthony Fantano) who criticised the pair’s previous album. Without actually dissing or sucking-up to Anthony, the $uicideboy$ have instead sampled his YouTube review on “Aliens Are Ghosts” but without actually airing their point of view, it becomes kind of redundant since it’s neither funny or political. The end result has the slight feeling of Eminem’s anti-reviewer outburst on his Kamikaze album which sounded idiotic. Surely if an artist doesn’t want criticism, all they have to do is stop making art. This case is a little different however, and since it’s unclear why they sampled the review (since it has no relevance to the song title or content) you’re just left feeling confused rather than amped. If it had accompanied the song title “Sour Grapes” it may have meant something. Either that or they could have sampled the “rippity-dippity-rippity-dippity-rippity-dippity triplet flows” section, looped it to make a hook, and filled the song with a double-time Trap delivery to make the chorus sound ironic.

A sad fact of music is that an EP never garners praise because there’s always something that feels brief and unfinished. Even if an EP is close to flawless such as Bone’s Creepin’ On Ah Come Up, you as a fan are still left feeling either short-changed or wanting more and this is also the case with Live Fast Die Whenever. I’ll acknowledge that this EP is much better than the duo’s debut studio album but a 6-track EP with all the songs in the 2-minute range is not enough (13 minutes in total) especially since the soundscape of this release is something that could have potentially been a classic. If the $uicideboy$ have gone to the trouble of enlisting members of Korn and Blink-182, then stay in the studio for a little longer and add maybe 4 more tracks to make a complete album, and judging by the mood created by these six songs, it would have been a memorable one.

Live Fast, Make Albums Longer.

Beats: 7/10

Rhymes: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

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