What Went Right With… Stikken Moov?

What Went Right With... Stikken Moov?

The internet is supposed to be a wealth of knowledge, right? So is it possible for there to be almost zero information about something, let’s say a musician or group? Well, surprisingly yes. I was recently organising my music collection and I realised that I know almost nothing about a Hip-Hop band known as Stikken Moov who released a few singles during the mid-90s.

Stickken Moov as far as I know, consists of members Dog The Rap Asserter, Gus The Rap Vigilante, and T-Bone The Menace (I only know this because of the credits on a vinyl record). I think that they were signed to the Ill Kid label affiliated with Gang Starr’s Guru (I know this because they appeared on a compilation album titled “Guru Presents Ill Kid Records”) and I’m assuming they’re from Queens, New York because of the title of one of their songs as well as the fact that they appeared on the “Queens Side” of a 12″ single. But that’s about it. So, after searching “Stikken Move” in Google I was surprised to learn nothing more than I already knew, in fact Discogs and Genius only list member “Gus Da Vigilante” as part of the group, so in some ways I know even less, and maybe what I thought I knew wasn’t correct either?

So this is more of an appeal rather than an article: who were Stikken Moov (sometimes spelled Sticken Moov or Stikken Move)? Where were they from? Did they record an album? And what happened to them? The group were responsible for some great Hip-Hop and yet nobody’s written about them, nobody’s interviewed them, and there’s no pictures of them…. nothing! Very strange.

Here’s some of the group’s songs so that hopefully they’ll jog someone’s memory…

Firstly, a fantastic track titled “Life” featuring Guru and M.O.P. from 1995…

Also from 1995, “Attack” which sampled M.O.P.’s “How About Some Hardcore” and Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Ya Neck”…

There was “Q.U. Soldiers” from 1996, released by Brooklyn label Tape Kingz…

There was also a track called “Fatality” which was included on their 1996 vinyl release…

The group’s earliest song “Beware” from 1993 was also a decent joint…

Judging by these singles, Stikken Moov had potential, they definitely had skill, so had they made an album filled with similar content, the trio would have been spoken about in the same way as other talented rappers from the golden era. Regardless of the amount of music made by the band, it’s odd that there’s so little information about them. So if you remember or know anything about Stikken Moov, please leave a comment below.

Stuck And Moov.

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  1. Stikken Moov Beware
    Featuring – ‘Dog’ The Rap Asserter*, Gus The Rap Vigilante*, T-Bone The Menace
    Written-By – Deron Johnson (2), Ronald Davis (3), Tywan Davis

  2. I was just listening to the 1995 “Guru Presents…” and came across Stikken Moov; they remind me of Trigger Tha Gambler + Smoothe da Hustler.

    The net can be incredible with information about pretty much all music, even the artists that were hardly known.
    Thanks, WWRW.

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