What Went Right With… Meechy Darko?

A caricature of Meechy Darko by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Meechy Darko, one third of the Flatbush Zombies, is without a doubt, the standout member of the group. Sure, Erick Arc Elliott is the production-linchpin of the trio but it’s Darko who brings the band a sense of distinctiveness. With one of the most unique voices and deliveries in the business, 9 times out of 10, it is Meech’s verse that is the one to look out for, just take a listen to the track “Bliss” from the Flatbush Zombies’ BetterOffDead mixtape where he brings not only a memorable chorus but also an anaphoric verse…

The short track “Death 2” also showed that Meechy’s penchant for horror is something much needed in contemporary Hip-Hop music which is heaving with derivative content…

Even as a featured artist on other people’s tracks, Darko is sometimes the one who out-does everybody (sometimes even the star of the song). With his trademark drawl and use of dark content blended with occasional humour, I can only describe him as somewhere between Rick James and Busta Rhymes with hints of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, in fact his sui generis style is hard to characterise.

Similar to Denzel Curry, Darko can’t be pinned down on a specific sub-genre of Hip-Hop; from Trap to Horrorcore and everything in-between, all I can say is that regardless of how you choose to identify his style, he is one of the most impressive rappers of his generation…

Like Chip-Fu from The Fu-Schnickens or Poetic from The Gravediggaz, Meechy Darko is the member that everybody remembers from Flatbush Zombies, in fact I’m surprised that he hasn’t been approached by a label to drop a solo album…

…Judging by last year’s song “Gotta” (and even 2013’s “The Baby Of Rosemary’s Baby”) an unaccompanied LP from Meechy Darko might be something that’s not only very impressive but also much needed in an ever-increasing, generic and lacklustre Hip-Hop scene. I’m quite surprised that he’s still considered an underground artist, the masses must be either deaf, ignorant, or oblivious to genuinely talented rappers.

From The Darko Side.

Playlist is also available on Deezer. Click below…

WWWORW Deezer Playlist

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  1. A solo album from meechy would have as much influence and strategy as the Marshall Mathers LP and Straight out of Compton, it would change how people rate LPs and probably hip-hop in general.

    • Marshall Mathers LP? No way Meechy would be overrated as much as any of Eminem’s albums by the mainstream media. Dude would get respect but the public never appreciate something different… his album would more likely be the next Return To The 36 Chambers or Ungodly Hour.

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