What Went Right With… Samuel William & His YouTube Channel swilliamism?

A caricature of Samuel William creator of YouTube channel swilliamism by What Went Wrong Or Right With...? for

It’s great when you chance upon something watchable on YouTube, you type in a broad or vague search term and the results (every now and again) bring you something noteworthy. This I have to stress is a rare occurrence but it happened to me recently when I stumbled across Samuel William’s YouTube channel “swilliamism”. Once I found it I was hooked, and like a newly discovered TV show boxset, I watched a score of his videos back-to-back. Now before I go on, I’ll apologise for the completely inaccurate semi-caricature shown above, trying to draw someone from a moving YouTube video is quite difficult but I guess that’s by the by.

Once I found swilliamism’s latest video, I began watching his content in reverse chronological order, and after viewing his videos for the last few hours, I can say that he’s been making very interesting films for many years. With the tagline “Truth You Can Wake Up To”, Sam’s videos are short journeys through the city of London (and surrounding boroughs). His travelogue-style videos follow Sam at arms length as he speaks to the viewer from his hand-held camera about any and everything; the news, politics, protests, parades, conspiracies, and even art and architecture.

On swilliamism, you can find interesting videos about Freemasonic symbols on and around buildings and you can witness him being harassed by power-mad policemen who don’t seem to know the law. There’s also videos about Big Ben, the Grenfell Tower fire, The Lord Mayor’s satanic parade, and even a pigeon murder at the hands (or should I say beak) of a seagull. Safe to say that the videos are varied and yet linked by a continued anti-mainstream opinion and the search for occulted truth. Given the topic of some of his videos, it’s very refreshing to see something intelligent about these somewhat esoteric subjects (YouTube is usually filled with overtly religious yet embarrassingly amateur videos on the subject of masonic symbols for instance).

Watching swilliamism is like taking an alternative tour of London, seeing all the sights but with added information you wouldn’t get with your run-of-the-mill tour guide. It’s very much like watching NHK World‘s “Somewhere Street” but with humourous commentary concerning the architecture and general goings on. The calmness of Sam’s voice juxtaposed against his left field opinion makes for a very refreshing YouTube channel, and with his Philip Glass-esque soundtrack and time-lapse camerawork sometimes evoking the likes of Koyaanisqatsi, it’s a very unique and entertaining watch. Go check it out.

Sam The Man.

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  1. I agree but he hasn’t made any vids, posted on tweeter or face book since 11 September!
    Where is he! I am worried. I have even emailed him and no reply!

  2. This is worrying. Not a sign since September. I think if your stuff is too near the mark, you will be taken out.

  3. “I know Tommy Robinson has changed, I know he’s reformed, I know he’s a different type of person now” IS HE??? Once an E.D.L racist always a racist. I hope swilliamism doesn’t turn into a pawn of the M.S.M

  4. Great article and I became very quickly hooked on watching all the videos. I think he’s an excellent filmmaker. But, where is he now? It seems he’s not posted for 5 months .

  5. I too am an avid admirer of Samuel & his extremely articulate knowledge of what’s really going on behind the scenes so to speak, in & around the boroughs of London.
    The way he holds himself is completely unique & his understanding of the law is hilarious at times when he frustrates the hell out of Police officers who use intimidation to try & state what the law is. Intimidation doesn’t work on Samuel for the most part – unless he gets bundled into a tinted windowed van with a sack put over his head & told to shut his mouth at gun point… well unless that happens he feels it’s his civic duty as an upstanding aware member of society to let us know what the fuck is truly going on.
    Samuel’s last jolly video was bringing attention to a bizarre structure erected in Hyde park’s boating lake & the true meaning behind why it’s really there.
    Check it out.

  6. Do you lot not know that Tommy Robinson is a bought and paid for Israeli shill? He has even been photographed over there on their tanks with the Israeli army. His job is to stir up trouble between christians and Muslims. He’s been drafted into ukip now to further augment the argument that all brexiteers are racists. He’s an actor,hence all the various aliases. Don’t fall for it. Anyway,I hope Samuel is ok and doing more great work. I only recently started watching his blogs and find them compelling,such a clever bloke. Sadly his are the kind of documentaries that should be on mainstream tv instead of the drivel currently served up.

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