What Went Right With… Sahtyre?

What Went Right With... Sahtyre? By

These days if someone criticises mainstream Hip-Hop they get labelled an elitist, but what these people don’t seem to understand is that when someone speaks ill of contemporary rappers, they’re being critical of the individual artists not the sub-genre itself. If someone doesn’t like Chief Keef for example, they’re not saying they hate all Chicago Hip-Hop, for the most part they’re taking issue with Hip-Hop increasingly being dumbed-down and succumbing to mainstream themes for profit. As far as I’m concerned if you want to listen to bass-heavy songs in a club that’s cool, if you want to play Trap and Drill while you workout or as you drive home from work that’s fine too, but all I ask of the industry is to sign some rappers with lyrical skill – why does the majority of contemporary Hip-Hop have to be filled with stereotyping, contrived topics, and more importantly – basic rhyming schemes?

This brings me neatly to Sahtyre, a rapper from Los Angeles that not only makes catchy Hip-Hop, he also seamlessly blends this with satisfying punchlines and decent lyricism, and yet unfathomably he’s still languishing in the underground. Now that’s a strange thing indeed, since Sahtyre makes music that’s contemporary, snappy, and memorable, and all this whilst maintaining a sense of credibility. If you take a listen to “Broccoli”, “Bad Habit”, and “Pull Up” which are tracks that are now three years old, they’re still as potent as they ever were, and when you hear them you’ll question why he’s never made it into the charts or onto mainstream radio…

Those three tracks were from the “LSD (Prelude)” mixtape and all of them were potential hits, but like I said nobody seemed to rant and rave about Sahtyre like they do some other rappers.

In his next album “LSD (Saga)” there was even more striking Hip-Hop on offer and the tracks that were produced by Hippie Sabotage were particularly enjoyable. Take a listen to the laid-back “Buzz Aldrin”, the mellow and hypnotic “Parched”, and the aptly titled, bass-heavy “Base”…

In this freestyle, Sahtyre also proves that he can deliver witty punchlines that should appeal to fans of battle rap or underground cyphers, but again it doesn’t seem that many people from the “two turntables and a mic” clique are giving this man any props either…

Sahtyre has made a few music videos too, and after viewing them I still don’t understand why “Love.Sex.Drugs 2” and even its predecessor “Love.Sex.Drugs” weren’t hits…

Rappers like Flatbush Zombies, Spiz The Prophet, and Sahtyre prove that you can mix contemporary beats and rhymes with substance, presence, and personality, but it’s strange that these MC’s generally undersell whereas people like Future and Migos outsell all of them. If you want “new” sounds then why not “credible new” sounds? It makes no sense when the public say “I don’t want to listen to dusty old boom bap beats” and you then mention someone like Sahtyre and they’re reaction is that of confusion and ignorance.

Ever since the late nineties there’s been an obvious divide in Hip-Hop music – the genre has split into two separate entities that seem to look with contempt at each other. So today there’s rappers who have lyrical skills who constantly reference the golden era or there’s rappers who make catchy yet dumbed-down tracks, but when someone combines both disciplines it’s strange to see nobody from either camp applauding them. Doesn’t this stylistic amalgamation satisfy all of you?

C’est la vie.

You can purchase Sahtyre’s albums from his Bandcamp page…

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  1. Broccoli by Sahtyre is a thousand times better then that stupid autotune mess under the same name by Lil Yachty and D.R.A.M

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