What Went Right With… If America Was A Person by Crank Lucas?

An image of an inverted or upside down American Flag to represent the song If America Was A Person by Crank Lucas. By

Many people say that contemporary Hip-Hop music isn’t the same as it was during the Golden Era – these days there seems to be no depth, meaning, or political stance left in this genre. Well, if you’re speaking about the mainstream that statement maybe true, but the underground scene is still heaving with opinions and personality. Case in point “If America Was A Person” by Crank Lucas, a song in which this Washington D.C. rapper anthropomorphises the United States and lists all its wrong doing. The end result is an amazing no-chorus epistrophe which sounds like a political “Broken Language“. Speaking of the Golden Era, if this was 1996 rather than 2016, this track would be playing everywhere and it would be a conversation-sparking underground smash. It seems that ever since the noughties, the powers that be are getting more efficient at brushing conscious Hip-Hop under the carpet, just look at K-Rino.

Sadly, this being the teenies rather than the nineties, this great track only has a few thousand views and nobody really seems to be talking about it. But surely in the present day where a racist xenophobe might become the “Leader Of The Free World”, anti-immigration sentiments are rife, and Police brutality is on the rise, is it not time that we listen to something that has relevance and value rather than some hollow Trap music? So if you yearn for Hip-Hop with substance and lyricism, check out this fantastic song by Crank Lucas. It maybe short, but this joint contains some highly charged lines that leave you wanting more. It’s this type of content that we need in Hip-Hop today…

You can also download the song from Crank Lucas’ Soundcloud…

Crank It Up.

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  1. Great article. Only thing it mustve been written early in this videos life because it has almost a million on facebook, well over a million altogether online through all the shares. On soundcloud last time I checked it was 2.5 million plays and BET wants to air it. Just letting you know we made progress.

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